Her søker Norges fremste bedrifter sine nye stjerner

Information in English

Trainee.no - the Norwegian trainee guide - is a service that lists all current Norwegian trainee programs. On occasion we also list trainee programs from other countries that may be of interest to Norwegian students.

Do you represent a company with a trainee program or are interested in placing an ad at Trainee.no? Contact Pia Lindberg at telephone +46 8218104 or email pia.lindberg@trainee.no

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What is a trainee program?

The definition of trainee program varies. In Norway, a trainee program is usually targeting young professionals, with a college or university degree and none to a few years working experience. The program usually lasts at least 12 months, includes rotation within the company and guarantees full time employment in a junior management position decided at the end of the program.

How do I apply?

Your application should be sent directly to the company offering the trainee program. Financially Trainee.no is depending on sponsors and advertisers. Full contact information is only provided for trainee programs where the company is supporting us with an ad. If you cannot find the information you need (e.g. company address or phone numbers) on our site, you will have to try to find it yourself by contacting the company or searching their web site.

We're sorry, but we cannot forward your application or help you with contact information not already provided on the site.